Hey, Ohio PKs!

Just want to take a moment to say how much Lisa and I are looking forward to seeing all those in grades 6-12 at the 2019 Ohio PK Retreat at Kalahari! This event is a highlight of the year as PKs from all over Ohio come together, connecting and building friendships that will continue well past the weekend. PK Retreat is filled with great ministry times and lots of fun. We will have powerful worship, impactful preaching, and meaningful free time for connecting with each other.

Each day we will be having fun playing crazy games, eating meals together, and going to the awesome water park, just to name a few. I will also be having a special dinner with the high school seniors, which I totally love! For rooming, you can stay in your parents’ room at night or you can hang out with other PKs and youth leaders in PK hotel rooms. 

Kalahari is an amazing facility – if you’ve never been before, then get ready for lots of fun from the arcade, water park, and great atmosphere. As a pastors’ kid myself, I can tell you how much I appreciated events like this growing up. We hope you can join us at Kalahari with a group of amazing young people who know what it is like to live the life of a PK. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself (nortiz@ohioministry.net) or my assistant Carly Sage (csage@ohioministry.net) Don’t miss this retreat, and we look forward to seeing you there! 

-Nate Ortiz

Event Schedule

Monday, January 14

4:45p – Welcome Session
5:30p – Dinner
7p – Evening Session
8p – Late-Night Hang-out
12a – Back to Rooms

Tuesday, January 15

All Day –  Free Time  (Breakfast/Lunch in rooms)
5:30p – Senior Dinner w/ Nate
7p – Evening Session
8p – Late-Night Hang-out
12a – Back to Rooms

Wednesday, January 16

9:30a – Check out of Rooms
10a – Closing Session
12p – Event Concludes
If PK Retreat is something that you would like to attend we recommend checking out the Ohio Ministry Network website for more details on the main schedule, prices, speakers, and registration.
We look forward to spending time with you this winter.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at oym@ohioministry.net.
We can’t wait to see you!