Bible Quiz is a discipleship ministry geared for teens in sixth through 12th grade. Each year a different book or books of the New Testament are memorized by students. Several times during the year students attend meets within their district in order to test their ability to memorize and understand God’s Word. District and Regional meets take place in the Spring of each year with the top teams advancing to Nationals. Each year thousands of dollars in scholarships are awarded to students for their hard work.

2018-2019 Season

Material: 1st and 2nd Corinthians

Ohio offers three levels of Quizzing!

A-League: This League is for experienced quizzers that memorize ALL the material. Quizzers in this League have the opportunity to compete at District, Regional, and National Level Meets, as they qualify.

Middle School (MS): This League is for 6-8 Graders. It covers less material than A-League. These Quizzers have the opportunity to quiz at District and Regional Levels, if they qualify.

Buckeye League: This level is for ANY grade, 6-12. This League competes at each of the four League Meets. They cover one chapter per Meet, with no review. Quizzers can join for any Meet, or all 4! If you have busy students, and new quizzers, THIS is the League for you! They may still receive the Discipleship Award (see below). These quizzers also have the opportunity to prgress as the season goes on and be a part of/form a team to compete at the State Meet (District Meet)! See the “Buckeye League” Section below.


2018-2019 Meet Schedule

October 20

December 1

January 12

February 16

April 5-6 State Meet

A-League/Middle School Quiz

Material Breakdown     AWARDS FORMS    A/MS REGISTRATION

Buckeye League

The Buckeye League is also called’ “The Experience League”. This is for any Student, in any Grade, 6-12. This League allows for flexible rosters Meet-to-Meet, and has the least memorization commitment. It is perfect for Students involved in other activities…ANY STUDENT CAN DO BIBLE QUIZ! All first-year quizzers need to participate in this League, as it really helps them understand how to quiz, and because of the amount of memorization (1 chapter per Meet) it encourages success in quizzing, in addition to discipleship! Click the buttons below for information on how the Buckeye League works, and the material covered!



Discipleship and Awards

In addition to quizzing, Bible Quiz offers other opportunities for Students to be Discipled in God’s Word, and to be recognized whether they sore a single point in Bible Quiz!

Discipleship Award: This award is for ANYONE (Quizzers, Parents, Youth Leaders…)! We recognize ALL recipients of this Award at our State Meet. Simply download the materials below, and once the requirements are completed, submit the information.

Study Guide: The study is an interactive Bible Study. It is pefect for Small Groups, Sunday School, Discipleship Groups. You can get the Study Guide from (You need only ONE CD-Rom copy per Church)

Master Memorization Award: This award is for anyone who quotes all of the material in one sitting with only a few mistakes. The guidelines and form is below.

National Memorization Award: This award is for anyone who is able to quote one chapter per sitting, with less than 4 mistakes per chapter. The tracking form and guidelines are below.

Ohio Key Verse Award: This is for anyone who quotes all the key verses (Black Dots) in the Scripture Portion.

Application Question Award: This is for anyone qho quotes all the Application Question, no mistakes, in one sitting.

Buckeye Memorization Award: This award is for anyone who quotes the Buckeye Material, using the National Memorization standards.

If you have questions, or would like to start Bible Quiz, please email our State BQ Coordinator, Scott Norquest: