Speed the Light (STL) is the student-initiated, volunteer, charitable program that provides much-needed equipment to missionaries across the nation and in over 180 countries around the world. Since its beginning, STL has raised over $253 million for missionary equipment around the world.
Speed the Light began in 1944 after Ralph Harris, then head of the National Youth Ministries department, prayed for a way to give A/G students the opportunity to help missionaries in their work. Now, by providing ministry equipment to our missionaries, STL is training the young people of America to develop individual ownership of the Great Commission as they help our missionaries spread the gospel message to the lost.
Today, Speed the Light is one of the most effective youth missions ministries in the church world. Assemblies of God students have accepted a great responsibility to voluntarily sacrifice and raise funds to purchase the equipment. STL operates with one guiding principle: All assistance must go to purchase equipment directly related to evangelism (“evangelism” is defined as propagating the gospel and instructing converts). STL equipment has not been nor is presently given for promotion, solicitation, or normal administrative functions.
If our missionaries are going to get to where the lost live, it will be because of Speed the Light. Every missionary in the Assemblies of God will at some point fly, drive, or float to their destination in transportation that has been provided to them by our churches and students through Speed the Light. Airplanes, cars, vans, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, buses, boats, horses, camels, donkeys, wheel barrows, etc., if it has wheels or hooves and can carry a missionary to a country, city, town, village, or under a card board box where someone is waiting to hear about Jesus, Speed the Light has provided it.
We give so our missionaries can travel faster, preach clearer, and be heard louder, in order that Heaven might be a bigger place…filled with people from every nationality, color, and tribe who have accepted Him as their Savior.

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Little, Christine (Zambia) Vehicle $35,000.00 

Turner, David (Panama) Vehicle $4,000.00 

Cuckow, Dale (Other) Public Transit Pass $10,000.00 

Turner, David (Panama) Portable Sound System $700.00 

Rostorfer, Jay (Madagascar) Vehicle $27,000.00 

Silva, Ty (Taiwan) Vehicle $35,000.00 

Skinner, Harvey (Italy) Vehicle Repairs $4,000.00

Smythia, Isaac (Uruguay) Sound Systems $9,500.00

Dickinson, Gary (Gabon) Vehicle $18,500.00 

Skinner, Harvey (Italy) Vehicle $25,000.00 

Walent, Steven (Germany) Minivan $27,000.00 

Boettiger, Richard (Germany) Vehicle $28,500.00 

Bowser, Chris (Peru) Vehicle $29,990.00

Dunn, Steve (Germany) Vehicle (used) $37,050.00 

Thacker, Jim (Madagascar) Vehicle $58,500.00

Teen Challenge, Youngstown Vehicle Grant $25,000.00 2009

LifeChurch, Norwood New Church Grant $3,500.00 2010

New Life Covenant, Cincinnati New Church Grant $3,500.00 2012

City Reach Church, Circleville New Church Grant $3,500.00 2012

City Reach Church New Church Grant $3,500.00 2013

US Missions Total Pledge: $

Total Needed to Fund all Ohio Speed the Light Projects: $


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Greg and Sarah Owens

South Africa

Planting churches with Urban Tribes

Current Project: $



Steven Walent


They serve as mentor and coach for church planters and have set up the first Church Planter’s School in this part of the country.

Current Project: $



Chris and Debbie Bowser


Their main goal in Peru is to plant churches.  We began by traveling to the southern desert to the city of Moquegua and we planted a church outside the city amongst the Aymara Indian people and the residents of the community of Los Libertadores.

Current Project: $



Christine Little

Zambia, Africa

Christine has had the wonderful opportunity to serve in Zambia in a wide range of roles.  She enjoys utilizing her skills as a nurse practitioner in local clinics.  The Lord has also openned doors for Christine to teach and share the Word in the national churches and bible schools.  She has been serving with Community Health Evangelism in Zambia (CHEZA), as a committee member and consulting trainer.  CHE is a Christ centered development program for local communities and churches, providing education in the areas of disease prevention, health promotion and presenting Christ. 

Current Project: $



Ty and Cina Silva


The priority focus of their ministry has been in helping to establish student ministries in Asia Pacific through vision casting, training workers and providing materials for youth and student ministry.

Current Project: $



Gary and Janice Dickinson


They are leading a Bible School project here in Libreville, Gabon is going forward. They haven’t had a missionary here for more than 50 years

Current Project: $



David and Marie Turner


God has called us to the Peoples of Panama and to help the National Church in Panama, Central America.  We are starting Living Free (Vida Libre)  and provide Leadership development and training to help the existing churches.  We want to rise up Pastors, Leaders and church planters to reach the un-reached peoples of Panama.

Current Project: $



Jim and Margaret Thacker

Madagascar, Africa

Current Project: $